Our Favorite Baby Sleep Essentials

“How is your baby sleeping?”

One of the first questions every new mom is asked. Why? Because teaching a baby to sleep is HARD. We all have that one friend who’s baby slept for five hours straight at night from the moment they got home from the hospital, but let’s get real. The rest of us have spent countless, sleepless nights with a baby that was up every two hours. I know—I’ve been there. I am the sleepless mom that wants the advice. Tell me anything that will just make my baby sleep!

At our house, we’re six months in to life with baby #2 and I have learned a few things about baby sleep from our firstborn, but still have a lot to learn (and probably never will even master the tip of the iceberg). These tiny humans have me bewildered when it comes to understanding their sleep. Nevertheless, I do have a few must-have baby sleep essentials which I will share that have helped our family get the sleep we were so desperate for.

NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels

Blackout curtains. Babies sleep best in a dark environment and these inexpensive curtains from Amazon actually shocked me when I first hung them. I ordered them in white, thinking that the “blackout” effect would be less effective but, to my delight, these puppies are true blackout. My daughter’s bedroom goes from full sun when open, to completely dark when closed. I am amazed and you will be too! Purchase your curtains by clicking the image to the left! * Tip: purchase curtains that fall at least six inches or more below your window to ensure the light doesn’t peak in. Also, mount your curtain rod above your window frame for the same effect and also to give the illusion of a higher ceiling!

White Noise Machine. We purchased this Dohm white noise machine off of Amazon when our son was just days old. What a lifesaver this machine has been. We have been using it for over two years straight for about 14 hours per day and it still runs perfectly. There is an actual fan inside the device that gives a very pleasant sound. The sound can be adjusted by spinning the outer casing of the machine. We use it all night long, and for every single nap our son takes. We love it because it gives off a soothing sound, that muffles any noises outside his bedroom—like our ultra annoying dog barking and my husbands thunderous feet hitting the floor in the upstairs hallway. Click on the image to the right to purchase your own Dohm white noise machine.

Dohm White Noise Machine
Woolino Merino Wool Sleep Sack

Sleep Sack. We were gifted this Woolino, Merino Wool sleep sack from a dear friend when our first baby was born. Our son wore it for about a year and a half and it is still in perfect condition. We will use it for our daughter when she’s big enough to fit into it. I cannot say enough good things about this sleep sack—from its wool interior, to its super soft outer, our son used this in every season and was never too hot or too cold. What a great product. While blankets in a crib pose too much risk to a baby, sleep sacks are safe, keep your baby warm and comfortable, and don’t fall off when your baby moves about his/her crib at night like some tiny marsupial, hyped up on caffeine. You know what I’m talking about. Repetitive use of a sleep sack is also a form of classical conditioning (for all you psychology buffs), as is any bedtime routine. When placed in a sleep sack, your baby will begin to associate it with sleep and will know it is time to wind down and may even get sleepy as you put it on. Click on the image to the left to purchase your Woolino sleep sack! *We have a few other sleep sacks at home, but none come close to measuring up to the Woolino brand.

A “Lovey”. Being alone in a big crib can feel lonely and may even cause some children to cry as a result. Introducing them to a lovey can give a sense of security and make falling asleep easier and staying asleep easier. Be sure that your child’s “lovey” is safe and that your child is age appropriate. It is recommended by some that children sleep alone in a crib until 12 months of age, while others believe a safe lovey, no larger than your child’s head can be introduced after 6 months. Our son sleeps with this bunny made by Jellycat who he’s affectionately named “Dee”. Dee is well known and well loved at our house and is present at EVERY nap and bedtime. Yes, we also have a “backup Dee” that he uses at his day home. Having a backup lovey is always a good idea when your child falls in love with their new little sleeping buddy. Click on the image to the right to purchase your own Jellycat bunny.

Jellycat bunny