Caring for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Since moving into our new home three years ago, I’ve been desperate to find a fiddle leaf fig. And avid HGTV viewer, I always have adored the fiddle leaf fig plants that nearly every designer stages their homes with. You must be thinking, then just buy one, lady, but when you live in Canada’s Northwest Territories, tiny treasures like these are hard to come by. With this in mind, imagine my delight when a local friend of mine posted her newly purchased fiddle leaf fig on her Instagram story. I literally got up off my chair and drove directly to our local garden center to purchase my new baby, for fear they’d be sold out in a moment’s time.

Once home with my rather pricy treasure, it occurred to me that I didn’t know the first thing about caring for my new baby. My husband had seen the $120 price written on the side of the cheap, black plastic planter in gold paint. Eeeek! Pressure was on to get my green thumb in gear! You better believe I was trolling the internet for all the info I needed to keep this plant from crossing to the other side. I would like to share with you, the small handful of things I’ve learned since owning my own fiddle leaf fig and welcome any new care tips my readers might have!

The day I brought her home

Tip #1. Keep your plant out of direct constant sunlight. The picture to the left shows one of my plant’s leaves with a sunburn. It is very important to keep your plant in LOTS of sunlight—just not direct sun. Here, in the Northwest Territories we have close to 24 hours of sunlight at the peak of summer making a sunburn, like this one, quite easy to occur.

Tip #2. The fiddle leaf fig loves a moist/humid climate. I would assume the arid climate of The North is not ideal for my fiddle leaf fig, so, to compensate, during the even drier winter months, I place a humidifier on the floor next to my plant so that the leaves can pretend they’re hanging in Hawaii. I have read that some people will spray their leaves with water to accomplish the same result.

Tip #3. Make sure your plant is potted in soil that drains well, and that the base of it’s planter drains. When roots sit in stagnant moisture, your plant can develop “root rot”, which will rot your plant from the inside out, causing yellow leaves and a plant that will ultimately die unless the problem is dealt with. These plants are creatures of habit so most fiddle leaf fig owners will water their plant about once a week. This gives the roots a chance to dry out slightly in between waterings,, therefore preventing root rot.

Tip #4. Fertilize your plant with fiddle leaf fig specific plant food. I purchased this one on Amazon and have been using it about once every three weeks. My plant continues to grow, so I’ll just assume it’s working. Click on the photo to purchase!

*Fun fact: The fiddle leaf fig gets its name from its large fiddle-shaped leaves. Okay, maybe I didn’t just blow your mind. Sorry.

Lastly, and not “plant care related” is that the cute little basket pot that holds my fiddle leaf fig was purchased on Amazon as well. A similar basket can be found by clicking here.