Oh, hey! One second—my son just bonked his head.
Alright, I’m back. It seems like I can’t accomplish a single task these days without being interrupted by one of the two most important people in my life. If I was photographed at any given point in the day, you wouldn’t be able to see past the blur of my body because I am never in one place for what seems like more than mere seconds. With a lifestyle like this, you’d think I’d be a skinny little whip, but turns out, I’m just your normal, medium-sized, five foot three gal. Wait, did I just say normal? Well, what is normal, right? Most days I feel far from normal—I’m hoping other mamas and dads can relate.

Two years ago (or 27 months ago, in “mom age”), the most beautiful bundle of a boy blessed the lives of myself, my husband, and our families. He took what I already thought was a busy life and amplified it to a rollercoaster rate that left me sleepless, humbled, and overwhelmed, then drove in a colossal-sized, overflowing cup of love that I didn’t know could be experienced, consumed, felt, (insert whatever verb here), in such a finite lifetime.

Was I surprised? In one word, YES. I had spent 11 years of my life immersed in the world of labor and delivery, acting as “nurse” in countless deliveries of every type. I have seen and felt the emotions that come with the birth of a child, felt the joy, the stress, the relief, the heartache, the loss, and the innumerable other feelings that emerge from our labor and delivery rooms.

Despite all of my “experience”, this new life with children has left me a bit overwhelmed, but one thing I still have a good grasp on, is labor and delivery. It’s where it all starts. It is probably the most anticipated and feared part of most women’s lives: Birth. It will break you, empower, you, and complete you all at once. I hope to share some of my experiences with you, answer your questions, and help ease the anxieties of pregnant mamas out there who want some honest answers about how it all goes down in the L&D world. I have birthed two of my own babies, one with an epidural, and one with no analgesia, so I come at this, and I hope to answer your questions with no bias, and real honesty. We’re all in this together, and trust me when I tell you that it might look like all the other mamas and papas out there have it all together, but none of us really do. We all question ourselves, need help, and need sleep.

Join me as I share my experiences, and my sometimes oh-so-chaotic life from home. I will even share my baking “fails”, and toy infested home. What matters is so much more than living in perfection—it’s that the whole family is loved. What some people call “a mess”, I’ve chosen to call “confetti”. If there is confetti, a party likely preceded.

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  1. You are unbelievable. You amaze me. I love that you are doing this. I can’t wait to read more. I miss you my friend. Heartbroken (for the distance) and yet full of pride, love, and awe for the life you have created. I pray for the health and safety of you and your family and hope to see you.


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